Our team is made up of very different women from all over the world: Guatemala, USA, Italy... We have one thing in common: we know how to kick butt and take names. That, and our love for pretty, sparkly things.



Creative Genius

A Marketing and PR Specialist by day, Andrea moonlights as our Creative Director, overseeing all our branding and anything visual. She loves working with our artisans to develop their ideas into beautiful and stylish jewelry designs. A self proclaimed coffee addict, she loves acting, traveling, and running with her doberman, Luna.


Sales Superhero

Otherwise known as the office therapist (she has a degree in psychology), Sofia works hard to make sure all our customers are happy. She loves swimming, is fascinated by the unexpected, and is working on her one day bestselling novel.


Administrative Ninja

Otherwise known as Karlita (little Karla), she started working with us as an intern fresh out of high school. Now she's a senior in college and thisclose to getting her business degree.  She is our right hand woman and plays a key part in executing our plan for world domination.


Production Guru

Our master jewelry maker Lorena oversees the production of all our other artisans and makes sure all our styles are impeccable. She's spirited and spunky, and somehow manages to have more energy than all of us combined. She loves chilling at home with her husband, three daughters and adorable baby boy.


Operational Kingpin

In addition to raising two energetic little boys, Silvita is also our Chief Of Everything. She's the one we go to whenever there is a problem, and is the one making sure that the business runs smoothly.


Financial Mastermind

Translated to English, her name means "Candy" and boy, is she ever. Dulce is the sweetheart of our team, and will make you smile just by walking into the room. In addition to spreading happiness wherever she goes, she also oversees the financial department and is a mastermind when it comes to numbers.

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