FASHION FILES: Earring Trend - Drop It Like It's Hot


It's official! Statement earrings are HUGE this season. Literally. When it comes to earrings, this season's motto is:  "Go Big or Go Home." We've noticed that our favorite jewelry style has been dominating all of the 2016 designer runways.  

Need proof? Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Balmain ALL incorporated this style of earrings into their runway shows. So did Tadashi Shoji and Isabel Marant. Gucci went for an extra-long version, while Miu-Miu  extra long Gucci huge stones Miu-Miu. 

Why should drop earrings be your next go to wardrobe staple? 

1- Statement earrings are the easiest way to style to any outfit. 

Chandelier Statement Earrings



Whether it's jeans and a t-shirt or an iconic Little Black Dress, stand-out earrings help pull any look together. Even a plastic bag can look chic if you pair it with some killer chandelier earrings.




2- They will draw attention to where you want it the most. 

Drop earrings attract the eye towards your best feature: that gorgeous face. Fact: Our eyes naturally go to where the light is. Jewelry is a great way to reflect light, so it makes perfect sense to have a frace-framing strategy.

3- You'll stand out from the crowd.

2016 Jewelry Trend: Drop Earrings


Bold, beautiful drop earrings are not for the faint of heart. If you want to blend into the crowd- stick to some simple studs. But if you're like us, you want to stand out... That's where a statement earring comes in. It's hard to miss.



4- They express your unique personality.

There's so many options to showcase your personality, even Cybill could find a style for each one of hers. Choose a bright teardrop style if you're style is more bohemian chic. Go for the gold if you're into all out glam. Geometric styles are perfect if you're the artsy type. Or show off some edge by wearing a single earring. 

Bold Floral Pearl Earrings

5- They're pretty.


And we all deserve to wear something pretty. There's something about pretty, sparkly things that can take your mind off your worries, if only for a moment. 






To quote the fabulous Eli Goulding: What are you waiting for?