Lavanda Amethyst Oversized Necklace

Lavanda Amethyst Oversized Necklace



Handmade statement necklace made with genuine amethyst and Grade A Lavender jadeite jade.  It combines different shades of purple color in a  peaceful, serene and absolutely dreamy way. we can imagine being in the middle of the lavender fields in Provence, France, surrounded by the delicate fragrance and beautiful purple color of the flowering plant 

Purple is a very versatile color with many popular hues suitable for winter, summer, fall or spring. 

Note: Lavender jade is an extremely rare color, and the price reflects the scarcity of this stone. Please contact us if you would like us to custom make this style with a different color of jade.

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Pearl,Amethyst, and  Lavender Jade Necklace

It takes over 3 days to make this intricately woven necklace. This wearable piece of art is carefully beaded by hand using Purple shades of pearl, iridescent mother of pearl, white cristals, Amethyst and bold accents of black jadeite jade.

- Sterling Silver .925 Clasp
- Genuine Grade A  Lavender Guatemalan Jadeite Jade
- River Pearls
- Mother of Pearl